Feedback reports

International public schools

Feedback reports

Student and class reports

After students have taken part in the ÉpStan, reports are compiled covering the results of individual students and entire school classes. These are only accessible to class teachers. The class teachers pass the individual results of the students on to the parents (or the respective legal guardian).

School reports

Board members of international public schools receive a report containing the school’s results. The results of individual students or classes cannot be identified in this report. An exception to this are school reports of schools with only one class of a given grade level; in this case, the results of the individual class will be identifiable.


Some sample reports can be found in the download area of this website.

Further information

The test results may not be used nor considered when calculating school marks. Although the tests are not graded, various scientific studies show that the students complete the tests diligently. It transpired that students’ test performance is largely unrelated to whether they were being evaluated via the test or whether they could complete it without any fear of consequences. In addition, students with performance anxiety benefit from test situations without grading.