The “Épreuves Standardisées” (ÉpStan) are a key element of school monitoring in Luxembourg. Here you will find detailed information on ÉpStan and its administration.


National ÉpStan results – Browse the ÉpStan database and create tailor-made reports.

Coding masks

Digital coding of the ÉpStan – Access limited to classroom teachers of participating classes.

Assessment tool

ÉpStan Participation – Access limited to secondary school students of participating classes during the scheduled test session.


Download of pseudonymised class lists and student logins – Access limited to ÉpStan coordinators.

Time planning

ÉpStan Timetable – Access limited to ÉpStan coordinators in secondary schools.


ÉpStan Reports on school, class and student level – Access limited to school-/regional-directors, school presidents, and classroom/subject teachers of participating classes.